Tracy Anderson has a programme for everyone. Do you have a hectic office time? No worry. All you need is a little time and a chair to perform the workout that Tracy has demonstrated patiently. What are these moves though and how are they helpful? Read on to know.

Standing Back Kick

Begin by standing behind the chair and rest your hands on the back of it. Make sure the chair is stable and does not move. Put your right foot on the chair seat. Putting the weight on your left foot, lift your right foot up and keeping the knee bent rotate the leg to the right, then stretch the leg a little behind you so that your chair comes down towards the rear of the chair.

Deep Bend & Side Kick

For this routine, the back of the chair is still to be held by the hands and you should step to the right side of it. Put your feet together and squat as low as you can and then stand up. Then step your right foot across your body and then putting the weight on your right leg, extend the left leg out in the air like a sidekick.

Side & Upside Down Kick

Lie on the chair diagonally on the right side of your body and right hip and thigh on the seat. Support the body with the right hand on the floor. Your left hand should hold the back of your chair. Bend both the knees then extend left leg in the air, bring it down to rest on the floor along with your left hand which should be at a shoulder’s distance from the right hand. Finally, extend the right leg in the air.

Standing Knee Pull

For this routine, stand on the left side of the chair. While resting the right forearm on the back of the chair, place the fingertips of the left hand on the chair seat. Flatten your back and lift the left knee to 90 degrees keeping it bent. Extend the left leg behind yourself and slowly bring it back to the starting position.

Ballet Stretch & Plié

Rest the right ankle on the back of the chair and bend towards it to touch your toes with the right hand. Then bring down your right leg to do a plié squat with toes pointed outwards and hands still resting on the rear of the chair.

Each move should be repeated 30 times.