Daddy’s Girl

O’Brien felt alone and left out in her own house. The only thing that brought her relief was her father’s affection. She grew closer to him as he was the only person who loved her. Every evening the little girl would wait for her father to come back home so that they could have some good time with him. Her father was the only source of happiness in her life.    


O’Brien was too young to realize that her father was an alcoholic. It was a difficult life and he decided to pull through it with the help of alcohol. Whereas the man had found his solace in alcohol, O’Brien was fully dependent on her father. O’Brien was only four years old when she had to face another tragedy. 

Wait The Never Ends

The memories of that particular day were still fresh in her mind. That day the little girl was waiting for her father just like any other day. However, her father did not turn up. She kept on waiting but there was no sign of him. The girl could not fathom what was taking him so long. Her father did not come but a piece of heartbreaking news did.  

Not Coming Back

Her father was gone. The man was found lifeless nearby a railway track. Now, there was no one to look after the little girl. Her one and only hope was taken away from her. That day she cried her heart out and there was no one to console her. 


Her stepmother had no intention of keeping the little girl after her husband died. She just wanted to get rid of her and so she decided to put her up for adoption. O’Brien had just begun to understand life when life slapped her again. She was ousted from her home and was made to live with strangers. Unfortunately, her stepmother did not even bother to investigate the adoptive family as she was so eager to get rid of her.    

Lost Love

Unfortunately, the girl found herself in an orphanage just after a few days of her father’s demise. There were many children like her in that orphanage house. As expected, the death of her father had left a deep impact on her. She became quieter. She shut herself off. No matter how much the staff would try to cheer her up, she remained indifferent and sad.