Electric Power!

Our body communicates with the brain via electrical impulses. Our brain can produce about  12-25 watts of electricity which is sufficient power to light up the LED in our refrigerators which is about 25 watts. 

Thought Generator

You are thinking of something one second and an entirely different thing the other. There could also be multiple thought processes going on at the same time. An average brain generates around 50,000 thoughts per day and that is why it is called “random thought generator.”

Size Doesn’t Matter

There are some things with which size matters but not with the brain. Bigger the better doesn’t necessarily apply here. To give you an idea, get this- After taking into consideration the larger body size of men, it’s found that their brains are bigger than women’s by 10% BUT the hippocampus the brain part that is associated with memory is usually larger in women. 

Einstein’s Brain

Did you know that Albert Einstein’s brain weighed 2.71 pounds (1,230 grams) which is around 10% smaller than 3 pounds, which is the average human brain weight? The density of neuron in his brain, however, was greater than average. Another example of the fact that with a brain, size and weight do not matter. 

Other Comparisons

Brains of Homo Sapiens are smaller by 10% than what Neanderthal had. Even though the human brain is the largest in proportion to the body weight of all other animals it is not the biggest. It is the sperm whales with 17-pound brains who are a winner of that category. 

Decreased Size

Evolution has brought humans into existence. The human brain has also evolved in the past 10,000-20,000 years. It has become noticeably smaller in size than it was all those years ago. The lost volume of the brain is similar to the size of a tennis ball.