Fighting Low Population

To tackle Russia’s low populations, back in 2003, the government issued a holiday that aimed to conceive new babies so that their population grows. This holiday is rightfully called Day of Conception and happens annually on September 12th. This holiday has ended up raising the birthing rates of the month of June. Women who give birth in June would even receive cars, money and household appliances.

World’s Longest Railway

You should not be too shocked to learn that the largest railroad in the world happens to be located in the largest country in the world. This is the Trans-Siberian railway. It travels through the entire country and goes from the European side of Russia to the Asian Pacific coast of the country. The full ride amounts to approximately 152 hours and 27 minutes.

Beer=Non Alcoholic

There is yet another shocking fact about Russia that will blow your mind. In the past beer was not categorized as an alcoholic drink at all in Russia. This was changed after the year 2011. So by the year 2011, then-President Dmitry Medvedev officially signed into the law that beer would henceforth be considered an alcoholic beverage. This law then kept some due restrictions as to where it could be sold.

Truth Behind Red Square

Red Square is one of the most crowded areas in all of Russia because of all the tourists. Its beauty and size is something that draws millions of tourist every year to visit. If you have never been to the country you would probably associate the name with Russia’s checkered past. But this is not associated with the Soviet Union. The name of this site originated from the word Krasnyi which once meant beautiful.

Women Rule Russia

While Russian men are considered macho and manly, it is the women who actually run things. You would be surprised to learn that approximately 11 million more women are there in Russia as compared to men. The life expectancy is 75 years for women as well while for men it is considerably lower. It is known that Russian females enjoy more freedom than others around the world.

Subbotnik: The Day When Everyone Cleans

Just think of how clean and wonderful the world would be if every member of a community agrees to join in on a massive cleaning activity. This idea is actually being executed in Russia. Subbotnik is a day in Russia when residents of a location join forces to clean up the city. This was something that originated during the Russian Revolution and is still continued till date.