Uh Oh!

A naughty kid got a lesson when his mom made a decision.

She took away all his stuff and put them in her possession.

Now, the boy needs to do one of the tasks given by his mom

In order to get the stuff back that he used to own

Regardless of what the boy is gonna do now

Mom definitely deserves a wow

Unlocking The Mess

One has to clean their own mess and especially if you have a savage mom. The kiddo here got so busy with playing the video game that he/she could not get enough time and “will” to clean up the room. The mother who got tired of seeing and telling her kid to clean it up eventually resorted to another option. She locked the video game’s plug and threw the key in the big sea of trash that her kid was decorating his/her room with. And that only can be found if the child bothers to clean the room. Great idea!

Pursuit Of Punishment

This is the demerit of having a tech-savvy mother and a fan of Taken. So, here the kid messes up the kitchen and leaves the mess behind to be cleaned by the Great Mother. Well, now mom has enough of it and she decides to warn her kids of the consequences if they do not clean up their own mess. She will give them the harshest punishment available. She will disconnect them from WiFi! It is to see whether her warning is  TAKEN well by her kids or not but we do really appreciate her for being so creative. 

Fair Fairy

The tooth fairy came to this girl’s room and left without retrieving her tooth and the saddest part is that she turned back without leaving her any money. But the responsible and sweet fairy has left a note for her. She told her how difficult was it for her to reach up to her bed and look for her tooth. Failed in locating her tooth she flew back but along with that, she has also made a promise that she would come back once she cleans her room. The little Emily who was expecting the reward must have gotten her teeth dropped on finding the letter. 

Shirt That Fits Rivals

If you are a parent of kids who fight with each other like a thousand times in a day you definitely can use this wonderful idea. The mother here had gotten fed up with her kids fighting with each other all the time. So, she got them a “Get Along Shirt” that they wear when gets involved in a fight with each other.

The Try Shirt

Look at the picture! It frames two different emotions. Whereas the daughter is sad the father couldn’t help but grin ear to ear. And do not forget to notice the t-shirt. That is where all the answers lies. The girl came home late more than twice despite the warnings. So her father decided to present her with an award for her audacity. He gifted her a t-shirt with his face on it and a message TRY ME. The worst part is that she has to wear this shirt for a week to school. The girl must have learned her lesson.