Take one: You wake up, get ready, go to work, it’s a usual day. None of us expects something unusual or different in our day to day lives. Every day is the same, it comes and goes.

Take two: You wake up, you get ready, and as soon as you go for gardening, you discover an antique treasure that could cost a fortune and you are rich overnight. The day will not be the same as all the other days.

The list of these people is worth reading, where they are themselves taken aback when they are doing nothing exceptional but end up finding an extraordinary treasure!

The Staffordshire Hoard

A man named Terry Herbert while searching farmland found some gold artifacts and this discovery led to further exhumation in upcoming days. English Heritage, a registered charity paid archaeologists for digging which led them to unearth more than 3,500 different individual items that were bought by the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery bought for more than £3 million at an auction. This incident took place in 2009.

The Saddle Ridge Hoard

In 2013, a couple discovered 1,427 different Liberty head coins that were buried in Sierra Nevada, California. It is considered to be the largest discovery of gold coins in the history of the United States. the coins had a face value of $28,000 back in the late 19th century.

The Ringlemere Cup

Cliff Bradshaw, a British man while detecting on Ringlemere Farm excavated a gold cup that was dented. After researching, it was claimed to be a Bronze Age Artifact. The dented cup led to many other discoveries and was sold around $500k.

Pereshchpina Treasure

In 1912, a shepherd boy of Ukrainian stumbled over a golden vessel. He found himself in the grave of Kubrat who was the founder of the First Bulgarian Empire. The treasure trove he discovered contained gold stuff, jewelry, and iron sword making the items 800 in the count.

The Panagyuriste Treasure

In 1949, three brothers of Bulgaria unearthed the most valuable treasure ever discovered in the history of the country. The Panagyuriste Treasure is made up of nine items and has the origin of the third or fourth century BC. The items were perfectly decorated and considered to be priceless.

The Dead Sea Scrolls

A series of manuscripts which was mostly made up of religious writings was discovered near the Dead Sea. When found in fragments, researchers decided to assemble it. Astonishingly, that manuscript turned out to be created in the third century BCE and first century CE. They are considered to be the oldest surviving manuscript of the Hebrew Bible and hold great religious and cultural significance.