Night Of Collision

The night took a devastating turn when the giant ship collided with an iceberg. The night that was transitioning from April 14th to April 15th changed many fates. As no one from the crew had any idea of the threat, they were not prepared for it. Many attempts were made by other ship captains to send the presence of iceberg in the middle of the ocean and ship’s way. Unfortunately, no words reached the captain. 


The unsinkable Titanic was designed with the resistance to four flooded compartments. However, there were six compartments that got damaged on that unfortunate night. Hence, the enormous ship could not help but sink. 

Captain And Superintendent

Here is the picture of Captain Edward J. Smith (on the right) standing next to his superintendent, Hugh Walter McElroy, his colleague. The two were best in their job and shared a good bond with each other. The picture is taken on the deck of Titanic.  

Around Lifeboat

This picture was taken in the initial days of the running of Titanic. In the snap, passengers can be seen strolling beside the lifeboats that they did not know was going to play a major role in their rescue in the near future.   

Young And sweet

Well, this picture would surely bring tears to your eyes. This small kid is playing on the ship with his kin. The snap was clicked just a few days before the hell broke loose on the boarders. We wonder what happened to this young boy.  


Margaret Brown who is also nicknamed Molly was one of Titanic’s elite first-class passengers. She had a humble beginning but soon got forayed into the world of wealth. She was very extrovert by nature and in the movie is depicted to be the protector of Jack Dawson.