TITANIC! No ship in this world has gathered as much fame as this one did though it journeyed only for once. What fanned its popularity, even more, was David Cameron’s picture that starred Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio. We all love that movie but at the same time, we know that the flick was more of imagination than reality. The ship shown in the movie no doubt is incredible but is nothing in comparison to the real one. Here we have compiled breath-taking pictures of Titanic that were taken before and after the occurrence of the clash.

The list includes pictures of the amazing infrastructure of the ship, rescue operations, and of a couple who refused to leave each other’s side when asked to get separated in order to be rescued.

Under Construction

So this is the very basic of renowned and once enormous Titanic. This picture was taken when the ship was under construction. The ship had gathered a lot of attention for being the unsinkable ship in making.  


This photo was taken when the ship was about to launch marking the beginning of an unbelievable journey. In the picture, people are staring at the size of the ship in disbelief. The Titanic was about to off the ocean in a few hours.    

A Castle

It won’t be wrong to say that the ship was nothing less than a castle running on water. It had everything and that too in its best form. For instance, this elegant room was Titanic’s writing and reading room. It consisted of comfy chairs and beautiful interiors.

Huge Chain

This picture aptly describes the gigantic size of the ship. Some construction workers standing around the chain links built for Hingley anchor of the ship in 1910. No need to say that the chain links were giant in size.

Letter To Him

So this letter was directed to a London tobacco shop’s proprietor and was written by John Snyder, man onboard R.M.S. Titanic. The letter read, “While I sit here at the writing desk peacefully and complacently smoking ‘one of your best cigars’ I just want to thank you.” This piece was written on April 10, 1912. Just two days before Titanic met its unexpected end on April 14, 1912.


Here, Titanic is setting off make its maiden journey. The date was April 10, 1912. Many people had gathered to see this remarkable ship setting off from the port of Southampton, England. Little did anyone knew that this was also going to be the last journey not only of the ship but also of its passengers. The family of passengers waved their last bye to them.