We all lack of determination at times. We prefer to live our easy-going lives over gyms, hard work, and diets. Who wouldn’t like to go for nachos and Netflix on their favorite couch? Well, no matter how lightly we take our lives, there are some people we care about. God forbid, what if something happens to them? And their only wish stays incomplete, will you not try to do whatever it takes to fulfill their last wish? Ofcors you will! Sometimes we just can’t help but regret that we would have listened to the person before we lost them forever.

A dysfunctional family, a son whose wish remained unfulfilled, a chain of events that turned everything upside down. This story is of twin sisters who grew up together and turned out to become two opposite looking ladies but one tragedy changed everything for the two of them.


Ruth grew up with several conflicts always going on her mind. She could never understand whether she should be taking her sister’s side or stay with her friends who were always eager to mess with Mary. With time the differences grew in their weight and soon it was almost impossible to guess that they were twins.


Eating Disorders

Ruth had a clearly hard time dealing with food and diet. She was suffering from anorexia and bulimia. Two opposites under one roof, in a home where nobody tried to identify what was the matter with them. They had no clue what was happening to them or how could they change it. After all, they were just kids back then.

Society’s Role

The world was harsh on Mary. Somewhere or the other, this even damaged the twin’s bond. Ruth, no matter how hard she tried couldn’t make it up to her sister. Nobody knew that it’ll take something terrible to change these sister’s fate forever. Their story was so unbelievable that they even turned up on a famous TV show to share their bitter experiences.

Total Opposites

By the time, the sisters turned 34, Mary weighed 420 pounds and Ruth weighed 120 pounds. Their weights never allowed them to live a normal life. Mary had problems and Ruth had problems too. Watching Mary eat a lot more than required, Ruth lost her appetite. Seeing her sister walking on the path to obesity, Ruth was never able to enjoy eating.


Caught On Camera

One of the most awkward things happened for Mary when she broke the salon chair while trying to fit into it. This happened in front of the complete show’s filming cast and her sister. Mary couldn’t believe that she just brought herself into so much insult. She felt like running away. But what she did next was something too much for anyone to handle.

Keeping Bad Habits

Even though all of the awkward moments caught on the camera and later on telecasted on the TV, Mary took pride in her bad habits. On the show, Mary agreed that she felt ashamed of having a skinny twin sister when she herself weighed 420 pounds. However, she was not ready to change any of her habits. She chose this lifestyle for herself and she was happy about it.