An Ordinary Day

Gerrell was nibbling on the morning snack his wife had packed for him. Today it was apple and his favorite P&J sandwiches. His usual days at work consisted of billing, counting the cash, handling receipts and answering the phone. He has always been good with numbers so this job was not a task when it came to the nature of his work. 

Long Work Hours

Gerrell had to spend the maximum part of his day at the store. By the time he reached home, everyone would already be asleep. A few months ago he might have complained about the long working hours but not now. He liked that his work kept him busy. Because at least this way, his mind isn’t left to think about the loss he was coping from.

The Unknown Transaction

Gerrell heard his phone go off in his pocket. On checking it, he saw its a money transfer from Paypal. A frown developed on his face. Who would send him money? On opening his account, Gerrell was taken aback by what he saw. Somebody had credited $1200 in his account! 

Who Could It Be?

Gerrell immediately turned off his phone and shoved it in his pocket. He didn’t want any eyes lurking on his screen. $1200 was a lot of money, he didn’t even earn that much at the store. Who could have sent him this much money? 

Recalling Faces

Gerrell tried to picture a face in his mind when he thought about who could it be. He knew he owed money to a lot of people. He had borrowed money from some friends and even had a loan he needed to pay but he couldn’t remember lending money to anyone. Was it somebody his wife knows? He decided to find out.

Calling Home

Gerrell took out his phone from his pocket and dialed home. His wife picked up on the third ring. He told her about the bizarre event that took place this morning. His wife’s reaction mirrored his own. Gerrell asked her if she knows who it could be? If they owed money to anyone or if she asked for money from someone? His wife was as clueless as he felt. She told him she is going to ask around and get back to him.