A broken marriage is not necessarily a tragedy for every couple. Sometimes two people, who were right for each other at one point in their lives, drift apart. And instead of blaming each other for their unhappiness, they can mutually decide to end it. However, despite the mutual decision, separation is quite a significant change. From spending every minute of every day together, to not seeing each other at all. It is never going to be easy or pain-free.

Lydia Fairchild, a 26-year-old mother of three, is in the process of a painful divorce. The divorce meant that she is going to have to take care of three children alone. In an attempt to seek help, Lydia attempted to gain government funding for her kids. But when the government got the hang of the situation, she was not only denied the funding but also became the subject of a criminal investigation.

Waking Up

Exhaustion. It hit her even before she opened her eyes. Lydia feels the sunshine blinding her eyes since she forgot to close the blinds last night. She squints at the window, slowly letting her eyes get used to the light around her. She sat up in her bed as the events from last night slowly caught up to her. The screaming and the yelling echoed in her head.


Jamie and Lydia have had fights before too, but this time something was different. Something felt very…final about this fight. Like something between them broke for good and it cannot be repaired now. The gap is too wide and nothing can bridge it. She was tired of fixing things only to go back to square one all over again. Just when she thought they were making progress, he would prove her wrong. 

No Show

She looked over to Jamie’s side of the bed, it was empty. He packed his stuff and left last night. She assumed he will be back in the morning like he always was but this time, he didn’t show up. Not till noon, not till the evening either. When Lydia went to bed alone that night, she knew her marriage is over. 

Checking The Mail

A week after Jamie left, Lydia woke up to a set of papers she had received in her mailbox. They were divorce papers from Jamie. Despite the fact that she saw this coming, Lydia felt her heart drop in her stomach. “That was quick”, she thought. She looked at the picture of her little family on the shelf and fought back tears.

Not Ready

As unbelievable as it sounds, Lydia and Jamie were happy with each other, once upon a time. Jamie was the love of her life and they had planned their future together. But things took a drastic turn when Lydia got pregnant for the first time. Jamie was not ready to be a father. But after the child was born, Lydia assumed Jamie will feel ready. Unfortunately, she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Walking Out

So ultimately, when Lydia gave birth to the second child and was pregnant with the third, Jamie wanted to get out. It got too much for him. Their fights became more frequent than before, he took out his frustration about other things on Lydia. Despite the fights, she never expected him to actually walkout. But he did, and now she is alone with her kids.