They say, ‘fate works in mysterious ways’. We like to believe that our life is in our control, yet the events that are beyond our control make our stories beautiful and worth sharing. It could be a missed flight, quitting a job, taking a wrong turn, reading a book you accidentally picked up, it is all fate making decisions for you. Nothing in your life is a complete coincidence.

Michele Mordkoff, a resident of NYC, doesn’t believe in coincidences either. She believes everything happens for a reason and the universe has a way of making things fall in place when it is the right time. So when Michele watched a documentary with a strong message, she believed it is not just a coincidence she stumbled upon something like that. Looking into the situation further leads to the unwinding of a series of events that expose an astonishing mystery in Michele’s life.

Monday Blues

The morning was as old as the coffee on her desk, amidst the chaos of her day Michele forgot to take a sip from it. The constant ringing of the telephones outside her cabin disappears into a quieter lull as the day progresses. For the past couple of weeks, she has kept herself that busy. Only to deprive her brain of any moment of quiet, afraid it might ponder on thoughts she couldn’t afford to dwell upon. 

Tough Times

It has been a few months since the incident that shook Michele’s life. Losing her parents was the hardest thing she had to go through in the past 54 years of her life. The pain was unbearable at first, she spent days in her bed. But gradually, she zoned it out. She made herself busy with work and didn’t look back. So, Michele avoided any moment of quiet that might trigger those thoughts in her head.

The Dreadful Task

Every office employee in the history of this world loves the weekend and looks forward to it. But Michele was an exception here. On most weekends, she kept herself busy with work regardless. But this weekend, she had things to do. Things she has been putting off for weeks now. She is supposed to go to her parent’s house and clean it out so that it can be put up for sale. 


Michele did not want to go back to that house and see it empty and gloomy. So she has been ignoring the calls from the broker and keeping her mind occupied with other things. But after trying this strategy for weeks now, she knew she couldn’t put it off anymore. Every cell in her body wanted to just skip this weekend but it could not be avoided any longer. 

Gloomy Morning

Michele couldn’t tell if it was her mood or the sky was actually gloomy this morning, but she knew she didn’t want to get out of bed. She heard her alarm go off on the nightstand and sighed. She pushed herself out of bed and went into her restroom. She looked in the mirror and saw a woman she couldn’t recognize. 

Get Things Together

Her hair was a mess, eyes puffy and swollen from lack of sleep, lips dry from forgetting to hydrate herself. Michele came to a sudden realization that this cannot go on any longer. She needs to pick herself up and get her life together. She decided to make herself some breakfast and then headed out to her childhood home.