Two coast guards were coming back from a mission of theirs when they saw an object floating in the sea. Well, first they thought it to be a stuffed toy but as they paced closer they realized it was not a stuffed toy but something else. First, they spotted hair and then noticed it’s limbs. And when they reached closer to it, they felt their heart miss a beat.

Something In The Water

They were in the middle of the ocean. He spotted the object and felt something off about it. So, the man motored past the mooring thrice to have a closer look at the object in front of the wooden pole. The object had brown hair floating above the water. Except for the hair that bobbed up and down, the object was motionless. He assumed perhaps someone had lost their stuffed toy. But just a second after the object began to move in fact, it began to throw its arm up and down and begun to slip off the mooring into the water. His heart drowned when he realized what was it. 

Coast Guards

Gary Sissons and Sean Hannam descended into the ocean quite early than usual in the morning. Both of them were on their duty as Members of The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard. They were returning back after towing a stranded boat around Warneet. And now as their mission was achieved, they were heading back to the shore i.e. off the Victoria Coast. 

Creeping Closer

Sean knew what to do exactly. He motored right in the direction of the mooring and halted the engine of the boat in order to move closer to the object. The object was brown in color and so was getting more and more visible as they sped closer. They realized how big the object was. Gradually, the drenched object too popped up. At that time Gary thought it to be a bunch of flotsam and algae that must have gotten stuck into the mooring. But that was not what was it.        

It Had Hair

Sean strained his eyes to see what was that. There were locks of long brown hair that was tugged by the flow of waves. A weird sight was awaiting them. As they got closer they realized that the object had limbs. Yes, it had two arms and two legs. However, the object did not move an inch. Sean had never felt so terrified and confused before. If it was not a soft toy then what was it? They soon were going to find out. 

Fearing The Worst

The boat now was running in parallel to the mooring. And as far as the men were concerned then they both were dead silent. They were filled with anxiety, fear, and confusion. Gary had his heart in his mouth as he moved closer. Both of them were praying, “Please, let that not be a body.” Sean bent down to see what was that. He learned that the object was heavy and owned a wet mass. One more thing, they were limbs for sure. 

Short-Lived Relief

It was then Sean broke the silence, “It’s just a stuffed toy.” With that, the man dragged a deep sigh of relief followed by a big laugh from both. Sean had no idea that they were so wrong. He steered the boat and said, “Let’s go,” in order to switch over to another direction. But as they began to move away from the wooden pole, they kickstarted the engine that gave a pull to the thing and the limb began to move.