A Star

After joining the classes Shavarsh started enjoying his time in the pool. The trainer in the institution noticed this new guy who was taking his first step in the waters. Shavasrh kept staring the pool before he made the decision to touch the waters that would change his life forever. This story isn’t about his great achievements but what happened when he used his talent to serve another purpose that made him the hero. 

Chosen One

The trainer at the institution saw the capability and talent inside Shavarsh. The teacher was more than happy to help him out in his new endeavor. With the help of his teacher, Shavasrh was inside the pool only to realize that this was his life now. This water would make him different from others. But there was a lot of work which was needed to be done before turning an amateur into a champion.

Training To Be The Best

Just because you have a built up that could be suitable for swimming doesn’t mean you become one. There is a lot of hard work and training that goes with it which tests your patience and will power. Shavarsh who knew nothing about swimming followed every command of his teacher. He trusted his teacher who knew the potential Shavarsh had inside him.

Hard Work Pays Off

After long hours of training inside the pool, Shavarsh was ready. He had the confidence to take on any competitor of his and win. In one these events, where Shavasrsh was also participating changed the course of his life forever. After winning the competition he was satisfied with his performance and the audience could see that there is another champion in town now. Something amazing happened after his win.

We Noticed You

Shavarsh won one of the competitions and the win changed his life. He was unaware that on that same day people from the Soviet Union National Team were also present there. They saw his performance and were really happy with his performance. They decided to take him under its wing and now it was Shavarsh chance to prove to them that they made the right choice. And he did prove it in an awesome way.

Right Choice?

The Soviet Union National Team noticed his potential just like Shavarsh’s swimming trainer. After watching him swim that day they knew that he has something special inside him and which could benefit both the national team and the country in the coming years. After his selection in the Soviet Union National Team, Shavarsh was able to break 11 world records and won the world championship 17 times, amazing right? But as we said the story isn’t about the achievements but about that episode that made him a national hero.