Wait, What

Brandie found a man who had a minor head injury. She immediately rushes toward him with a first-aid box she carried from her car. On reaching the man for help, Brandie dials 911 to call for some more help. As she turns back to the bleeding man, she was shocked. The man started running towards her car. Wait, what? Did I see it right?


Brandie was taken aback by the sight of the assumed-bleeding man running towards her car. A chilling spine ran through her body when she saw him running. She was so baffled that instead of running behind him, she just prayed that he did no harm to her young daughters. She started screaming “Maddie beware, Maddie beware!’

Locking The Car

Hearing her mom scream and finding a strange man running towards their car, Maddie immediately close the windows and locks her car from inside. The 12-year-old was frightened. She asks Mollie to sit down and earnestly waited for her mom to come soon.

Unfortunate Day

The day was an unfortunate one. The man broke the car locks and the car was unlocked in a second. Brandie started to run as well, but before she could manage to reach out to her daughters, the stranger was already sitting on the driver’s seat and was mumbling the frightening.


The looks of the man were enough to leave the girls petrified. Maddie recalls that the man was of strong built and looked shabby. He had an overgrown beard. The moment he sat in the car, he started mumbling “He was saying all these things like, ‘Let’s go’ and ‘I need to get to this place,”

Foul Intentions

Maddie knew that this man was not having the right intentions. It was very clear from the manner he broke into their car. Brandie could not reach the car, and the girls were all alone in this locked car with a stranger, a stranger who just did not seem right. What was written in their destiny that day?