Grace Fredericksen Story
When Gracie was thinking of what she could do next to help her father, she came up with a good idea. She realized that her brother owns an iPod Touch and so she went into his room to go and get it. She knew that this was going to help as she could now make use of Facetime to call her father’s cell phone. Then she could use that to call for help.

Found It

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So as soon as she grabbed the iPod, Gracie was quick to make use of Facetime. She knew that the call would make her father’s phone ring out loud so as soon as she made the call, she made sure to listen attentively. So as expected, she could hear the phone ringing from the next room and Gracie hurried to go and make use of her father’s phone.

Call 911

Grace Fredericksen Story
When Gracie went to the next room, she found the phone ringing loud and clear. She took the phone in her hands and then proceeded quickly to call 911. When she told them about what had happened with her father, the officials told her that they would send a team to her house immediately. She then had to wait for a few minutes that felt like forever.

Knock On The Door

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After patiently waiting, there was a knock on the door. Who could it be? Gracie then quickly went to the door to open the door. Since the people at the door were wearing uniforms, Gracie could tell that these were the people that have been sent to help her beloved father. “Where is he?” asked one of the men in uniforms to Gracie, who took them to her dad.


Grace Fredericksen Story
After Gracie was asked where her dad was, she took the man to the room where her father was. Her father was lying there, motionless on the couch and was very much still unconscious. These men knew that they needed to check on him immediately. When they read his heart rate, they realized that he was in a terrible condition. His heart had 24 beats per minute.

Normal Heart Rate

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If you do not know just how dangerous his heart rate is, allow us to explain. The normal heart rate for an adult typically ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute. To hear that Jeff’s heart rate is just 24 beats per minute is something truly alarming. Was he going to make it and does this mean that he was about to expire? It was such a tense moment for all.