Grace Fredericksen Story
The little girl was in shock and felt helpless as she watched her dad pass out multiple times right in front of her. For the short amount of times that her father was conscious, Gracie could see from his face that he was very disoriented. It would have been scary for her because he would give an expression of confusion followed by his eyes rolling at the back of his head.


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So there they were in Gracie’s room, father stumbling in and out of his consciousness while his 10-year-old daughter looks on, confused as to do what next. The little girl was there with her dad as he struggled to gain control over his body. After a few minutes, her instincts finally kicked in and so she realized that she actually needed to call help.

Call for Help

Grace Fredericksen Story
As her father’s condition did not seem to get better any time soon, Gracie started to feel a little worried. She was unsure whether to just wait it out or to do something herself. Since she was just 10 years old, we cannot blame the little girl for feeling so helpless. Since she did not know what to do herself, she decided that it was best if she called some other person for help.

A Huge Problem

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So then at that moment, she hurried to call other for help. We all know that these days, even kids always keep with them phones as smartphones have become a good source of entertainment and recreation. She promptly looked for the phone and checked within the room. But as she looked around and checked everywhere, she found a very big problem.

No Phone

Grace Fredericksen Story
As we all know, bad luck tends to pop up whenever we are going through a difficult time. This happened to Gracie as well. When she finally found her phone she realized that cell phone had not been charged at all. In fact, there was no battery life left on her phone. Then, she checked to see if her unconscious dad had his phone with him but his pockets proved to be empty.

Another Option

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Even if she wanted to use his phone and question him about the location, Jeff was unconscious so she had no ways of finding out. The option of her asking where he had kept his phone was out of the question. As she continued to worry and tried to figure things out, she realized another thing. She discovered that she actually had one more option.