Dark and leafy green veggies are the culinary delight of many consumers. Apart from the rich content of vitamins and inflammatory properties in veggies; they are good for the heart. You can eat leafy veggies with carrots salads or mix with odd foods like brown rice and barley.


A fruit diet can help people shed weight and lower their cholesterol level. You can promote heart-healthy living by regularly eating mixed fruit salad of pears, apples, and bananas. Juice made from lemon, tangerines, and grapes will increase ‘the’ good cholesterol and shoot down the ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Plant Sterols

There are dietary supplements made from sterols. Sterols are naturally occurring plant extracts. At least two grams of Sterols supplements daily can lower LDL cholesterol levels. People that are undergoing weight management use dietary supplements to maintain a heart-healthy living.

Avoid Organ Meat

Organ meat from animals should be avoided because they can form grease in our arteries. Meat portions from kidney and liver of animals have high calorific value. By switching to non-red meat is beneficial for heart health.