Mothers are loving, caring and they always offer an option of home remedies at home. However, we sometimes end up befallen with health challenges from common colds to minor bruises. When medical first aid is not within reach, mothers use effective home remedies. Here are some of the ways in which you can cure or treat yourself in the comfort of your own home…

Methylated Ointment

Mothers turn to the healing properties of branded methylated ointments as a first aid when we are down with flu. They soak a towel in a bowl of hot water mixed with a tablespoon of methylated ointment. Then the victim of cold inhales the steamy towel for about ten seconds before exhaling. This procedure is repeated at least five times before the nasal seizure is relaxed.

Hydrogen Peroxide

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While growing up, it was a common practice for mothers to takeout wax from their children’s ears. However, removing ear wax became easier with the use of hydrogen peroxide. Simply dilute a capful of peroxide with water, pour some droplets in your ear and allow the fizzing to stop before draining out the wax.

Cayenne Pepper

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The extracts from Cayenne is a home remedy for toothaches, arthritis, and oral cavity blisters. The use of Cayenne ointment for medicinal purposes dates back to Christopher Columbus’ days. Apart from the medical use of Capsaicin in Cayenne, the pepper serves a great culinary delight.

Potato Skin

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To heal wounds faster, parents use the generational remedy of potato skin. The skin of cooked potatoes reduces swollen wounds and bind skin cells. Don’t throw away the leftovers when they can break down hyperpigmentation of wounds and fade scars.

Garlic And Salt

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In the absence of garlic, table salt mixed with water can be used as treatment. As the affected part of your throat comes in contact with the mixture; gargle salt water solution with your head slightly bent backward.

Lemon Juice

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Particles of dust and impurities lead to inflammation of nerves along the nasal passage. Sneezing and having a feel of grogginess are the common symptoms flu. Blend a clove of garlic, ginger and dilute the mixture with lemon juice. Drink a teacup of the mixture to boost your immune system.