She hurriedly put the kitten inside her jacket and continued to walk. As soon as she reached the office, she called the vet and asked the experts to examine it. The vet came running on her call and did everything he could for the kitten. Alice even named the kitten Musya though, she was aware that such an attachment with this cat wouldn’t be good. But she couldn’t help it, with every moment she was feeling more close to the kitten.


The kitten wasn’t frail and proved everyone wrong when she survived the first 3 nights. She needed attention and care so the zookeepers would often take turns and showered the kitten with love and care. Soon she was on her feet again, despite being weak and underweight she would often run around. However, the uncertainty of her survival still remained.


As days passed by, the kitten had grown restive. Soon, it had become a struggle for the staff to keep the kitten safe because there were many wild animals that were roaming unleashed in the zoo. It had been 1 year since the day Alice had found her and since then she had become the apple of everyone’s eye. The staff would eagerly wait for their chance to spend some time with the cat. Musya was defying everyone’s perceptions they had about cats.


Musya was an intelligent and smart cat and they knew that she craved to explore the world outside the cage she was bounded to. The staff would often worry about her and one or the other person’s eyes were always on her. They wanted the cat to explore and hated to cage her but whatever they were doing was for her own good and safety. But she was an animal and they generally can’t understand every motive of the staff. Would Musya be able to understand and restrict herself to the cage?

Slipped Out

Then one day there fear came true when the cat slipped out of the cage. That day, Alice had as usual opened the door of the cage to feed the cat. But it seemed like Musya was not waiting for the food so when she opened the door, the cat slipped out and Alice couldn’t stop her. She hurried to the office and told the staff about the incident. They were all worried about her safety as they knew that she had never been into the harsh world before and were apprehensive if she would survive on her own. What would they do now?

Search Operation

The staff was determined to find the cat so they along with Alice started a search operation. They were all praying for the wellbeing of the cat and wanted to find her as soon as possible. They started to search in every possible place where they could find her but all their efforts went in vain. Would they be able to find her?