She kept running from door to door in her house but couldn’t find the origin of the sound that woke her up in the middle of the night. She looked for the switch to make light in the room as it was too dark to see what lies even an inch ahead of her. That constant “thump”  sound was driving her crazy and the feeling of what is it did not stop for a single moment. She closed her eyes and when she opened them again it was all just a dream.

Some dreams do come true for certain people and the same happened with a woman who found out something really amazing in the basement of her house. To learn more about this historic discovery, make sure you watch the video at the end of this article which will shock you.

It’s Just A Dream You Say

A resident of the town of Lansdowne, Alexandra Poulos has lived there since childhood. She always had this special feeling about her house that made her growing up years really memorable. In an interview with ABC, she told them about her dreams, “When I was a child I would have random dreams about there being other rooms in the house. I’d look it up on dream meaning sites and people always thought I just had a crazy imagination”

Each and every day this house said something to her but being a child she didn’t understand anything but curiosity began to grow inside of her with each passing day. Until this day came.

The White Colonial Home

Her family bought this house in 1974 and after her mother and brother passed away, she became the owner of the house and she felt like the house doesn’t want her to leave and in the end, she decided to rent out the house. It must have been their destiny that these new tenants joined Alexandra and the house on their amazing journey to find out what this house is hiding from them.

Tenants Start Their New Adventure

During her interview, she told about the living situation, “I just love it so much. I started renting it out, and now we have awesome tenants”. Renting out the house provide you with an extra source of income but maintaining the house as old as this one was going to be hard for her and it did not take much time before several problems started falling in front of her related to the house. It started with the plumbing and then one after other the house started to fall apart and introduced them with its secret.

The House Falling Apart

Alexandra told in the interview about the incidents that started to took place one after another, “First it was (the) oil tank that went, and then after that, it was an old cast-iron sewer pipe that just started cracking, so I had to get that replaced”. But one-day things got out of hands when she received a call from Jerry, her tenant, who told her that there are cracks in the walls and they were really afraid about the house condition which was becoming extreme day by day.

A Good Landlord

Alex never ignores her tenants, “I always respond right away because I try to keep the house as I would want it because I still love it” she told in the interview. When she met them and inquired about the problems which were a lot of them but what clicked her the most was the basement. She felt like going down in the basement but decided not to. If she would have gone then she would have seen something different entirely.

Rumour she almost forgot

She can’t forget how her memories started flooding in when she heard about the basement situation of her house because all she could think about was the basement as it required her utmost attention. Basement is the foundation of the house and if your house starts falling apart you just can’t ignore it and even she did not. It was this time when an old rumor which she heard in her childhood popped into her head and it made her think about it every day. Don’t forget to check out the video at the end of the article.