Maybe In Sleep

She said further, “While odd, I chalked it up to something I did in my sleep, thinking maybe in my half-awake state I scrawled it, so it didn’t appear to be my handwriting. I threw it out and thought little of it,” she wrote on a Reddit post. But why would she write such a sense-making post in her sleep?  

Just A Mistake

Keeping Tabs

She thought of it as a mistake committed by her and so she did not give it much thought. The woman had an entire day to plan. But she was soon going to learn that she had made a big mistake. 

Show Time

The day went like a regular day until she headed back home. The woman was watching a show and got up to use the bathroom when it got for a commercial. However, when she returned to her living room and realized an unbelievable thing.

Big Chunk Of Time

Time Went By

She admitted in her post, “When I looked back at my phone, 20 minutes had gone by. I was like “What is going on?” she started to think. “I then started missing huge chunks of time when I swear that only minutes passed by.” What was going on? 

Physically Ailed

A Cry For Help

What was going on? Nothing seemed to be right in her life. Not only the external environment was tormenting her but she also began to feel a sharp pain throughout her body. Maybe the stress had taken over her. However, she ate her dinner, cleaned the dishes and retired to her bedroom. However, something caught her attention when she was about to sleep. 


Before going to sleep Jessie thought of clicking a picture of the Post-it. She had thrown the note into the trash. She wanted to take a picture of it so she does not forget what it looked like.