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Jonna was one who loved humor. She was raised in the town of Indiana. She would often joke around telling everyone that she spent her life, “Telling bad jokes and creating awkward situations.” It was all due to this that she began to involve herself in a project during the initial stage of her adult life. Jonna started blogging and made use of her different and sarcastic viewpoints.

A Random Revelation

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And since Jonna loved to write and express herself in writing, she was very regular in posting about what she felt about several topics. And since she liked blogging, she made sure to maintain her blog, ‘Real Blunt Blond’ that soon got some attention. It was the delight of thousands of her readers. And so, one day Jonna decided to share something about her husband that left everyone’s mouth wide open.

Different Upbringing

No one expected that the lovely couple would have such a different upbringing. Their childhood was a complete contrast from each other. She and her husband’s life was very different as kids. Jonna’s life was full of frivolity while David one the other hand was raised in an Amish community. He was brought up in the Swiss-German religious sect’s where modern technology is not in use.

Dedicated To Her Husband

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And so Jonna found her husband’s quirks to be thoroughly intriguing and adorable. On her blog, she even dedicates one section just for him. And this section was fittingly called “You can take a Man out of the Amish but…” It was clear that Jonna and David had so many topics they had differing views about. But she also commented that David became “well adjusted to his new ‘English’ lifestyle.”

Living In Isolation

And since David was the breadwinner of the family, he was a very busy man who tried his best to earn as much as he could. He had a job at a nearby RV dealership. It took up several hours and it was indeed a taxing job. Jonna would wait for David who regularly arrived home very late in the evening. His work was too hectic to come home early most days.

Lonely At Times

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And while David was busy at work at the RV dealership, his wife Jonna was a stay-at-home mom. However, Jonna always found a nice and productive way to kill time. She maintained her house and was also posting regularly on her online site. Since they had not been married for a long while, she revealed in her blog that she often felt isolated and insecure.