Six Years Ago

On opening the text, she could scroll up as previous messages were also present there. She read those messages and tried hard not to react. She was surely baffled but could not believe what she read so she decided not to think about it anymore and thought that it must be a prank by someone. She discovered that the sender tried to reach out to her six years back as well. 

Her Reaction

She had no idea why was someone messaging her like that.  She was way too shocked on reading those exchanged texts. All she knew was that she had a family and she loved her family the most. The issue was a bit critical, that is why she kept her husband out of the matter. 

Tried To Be Normal

The next day, Gayle get herself busy in the household works and was about to leave for the college. Before she goes to college, her husband prepares a strong coffee for both of them. They enjoy spending their quality “coffee time” together every morning. But that day, he spotted a little difference in her behavior but he did not say anything to her. He kissed her goodbye and left for his office as well.

Self Reminder

Gayle struggled hard to look calm and she succeeded to an extent. She made herself realize that she had nothing to worry about. The message she received could be a prank and in that note, she headed to deliver her next lecture in a class.

The Phone Call

While she was delivering her lecture, she heard her phone ringing. Initially, she ignored the call and continued with her delivery. But when the phone would not stop ringing, she asked the students to excuse her for a moment and went outside the class to attend the phone call. Though the number was unsaved, she attended the call.


On receiving the call, Gayle got to know that on the other side of the call was a private investigator. He wanted to ask some private information regarding Gayle’s identity and her past. She was perplexed as she had no clue about what was happening with her life. She kept mum and let the investigator give the actual reason behind the phone call.