How exciting it is to go on a weekend trip with your friends. Suddenly you start to feel energetic and there is an atmosphere of partying and playing. And when the trip is with your friends there is no doubt that the fun is doubled.

A group of friends was going for a trek in the nearby woods to celebrate one of their friend’s bachelorette party. The trip even before starting turned into an expedition searching for the hidden. One of the to-be groom’s buddy carried his dog along. The pooch smelled something in the woods and took the friends on a walk to the unexpected. Their weekend plan changed into something none hoped for.

Planning The Bachelors

It was Wale’s wedding around the corner. His friends were constantly nagging him with the question any group of friends would ask. “Where’s the bachelorette party?”. The over-enthusiastic bunch of friends in no way would have spared Wale without an all-boys trip. And the planning started. A plan which never went as planned.

Where To?

The very obvious question which surfaced next was where did the boys plan to go. Wale was an adventure lover. He enjoyed trekking, hiking, paragliding, sea diving type of sports. Thus, his friends decided to google the best weekend getaway destination for the trekking trip. And voila, they found one of the most exotic and darkest woods where they would be heading to for some fun.

The Woods

The woods were dense and dark. There were small waterfalls and lakes inside. It was the perfect place to have some adventure. Wale booked the resort and made all the arrangements. The boys were all set to have a lifetime experience, but they were accompanied by another passenger totally uninvited.

Mr. Pluto

One of Wale’s friend brought with him his doggo Pluto on the trip. She was a lovable dog and neither of the friends minded having the pooch along. All of them had a gala-time talking, cracking jokes, eating. Finally, the reached their destination, but instead of partying, the friends ended up in an altogether different mess.

Let It Begin

The friends reached the property they booked. They all were cherishing the location, the scenic beauty, and stuff. When suddenly Pluto started to act weird. She would go from one room to the other and seemed uneasy. What was wrong with the dog?

Not Bothered

Initially, Wale’s friend who was the owner of Pluto did not pay much attention to his dog’s antics. He thought that the dog was just exploring the land and the property. But soon only Pluto made the men run like anything.