Sheila Fedrick is a flight attendant by profession. She has been working in this field for ten years but never in that tenure she ever came across a situation like this. There was a girl sitting next to the window and she looked nothing like normal. The young girl made the woman suspicious. She needed to find out who was she and what her purpose was. And when she found out the attendant had her whole life turned upside down.

Sheila Fedrick

Sheila Fedrick has been working as a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines for 10 years now. The 49-year-old stewardess is well known for her devotion to the work. Her positive attitude and affable smile make her personality even more pleasant. Her work involves looking after the needs of passengers on the plane, get them refreshment and maintain a positive attitude around them. On that day of 2011, she was doing the same when she got confronted with something really unusual.  

Taking Off

The San Francisco bound flight took off from Seattle with hundreds of passengers on it. As usual, Sheila was attending to the passengers with her welcoming smile. Everything looked perfectly normal. The journey was short termed stretching up to two hours only. However, this short-termed journey was going to make a big change in the passengers’ life.  

Underrated Job

The job of a flight attendant is grossly underrated in today’s world. They not only take care of the passenger’s need but also emerges as a bridge connecting passengers and management. Additionally, they have to look after the needs of each and every person on board and make sure they all have a nice journey. 

Flying Heroes

There have been a number of incidents of encountering unfavorable circumstances in flights. The reason could be getting hijacked, glitches in types of equipment and many more. And in lots of those cases, the flight attendants have emerged as a hero of the scene. However, this case was entirely different.

Experience Counts

Fedrick has been in this business for a decade and such a long experience really helps her big time in grasping the mood, need and state of mind of any passenger. Likewise, that very day she was taking rounds in the flight to see if anyone needs anything when her eyes captured a peculiar sight. On the very first glance, she understood that something was not right.   

Strange Girl

There was a young woman sitting next to the window. To Fedrick, the girl looked far from normal. Strangely, nobody on the flight noticed her weirdness except Fedrick. Was there something really weird about the girl or was it just her assumption? She needed to confirm that.