Staying young is everyone’s wish and according to this new research, it can come true now. Yes! A research by Washington University School of Medicine stated that they have found something that makes cells act younger. The researchers did the study on a mouse and have asserted that they have found a compound that mends aging cell to perform in a way as it would in a younger mouse. You must be wondering what that compound is then it may surprise you to know that the element is easily found in a number of foods including cabbage, edamame, cucumbers, and broccoli.

The compound is named nicotinamide mononucleotide that produces another compound which works in negative for energy metabolism. While testing on the mice they injected it with NMN the element produced that energy-triggering compound in a greater amount and resultantly, many aging problems linked with it went away. The animals injected with NMN had better blood sugar than others, had improved eyesight and has their food turned into energy more properly. The mice taken as a subject was only five months old and took him in inspection for a year. However, the researchers do not know how long the mice lived as they lost the track. So, the next question that comes to our mind is can we have a longer life only by consuming broccoli or cabbage? To this professor of developmental biology and medicine at Washington University, Dr. Shin-Ichiro Imai replies “If you do the math, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible entirely but probably very difficult to get the whole amount [you need] simply from natural foods.”

The positive result of research is motivating the researchers to examine the impact of NMN on a human. A  part of the team residing at Keio University in Tokyo is about to begin another research with human as subjects. This time they will be using pills of NMN instead of injection. Imai explains  “It’s clear that in humans and in rodents, we lose energy with age,” he continues “we are losing the enzyme NMN. But if we can bypass that process by adding NMN, we can make energy again. These results provide a very important foundation for the human studies.” There have been many studies in the pursuit of finding compounds that prevent people from aging and many types of research have been done on animals that came out with different compounds namely, rapamycin, diabetes drug metformin, and sirtuins and interestingly all of them are linked with the energy-making activity of cells. Imai says “All of these pathways cross-talk with each other,” he added further “we don’t know the precise details of how, but they are communicating with each other.