The Lady Of Uruk

It was an interesting piece. They decided to do elaborate research for that. After extensive research, Dr. Noldeke labeled the mask to be a possession belonging to 3100 BC. It turned out to be the oldest mask ever to be made. Clearly, this artifact was a precious discovery.  

Goddess Inanna

The Lady Of Warka represents the goddess Inanna. The goddess power over love, beauty, desire, justice, political war, and many more. She is also known as the “Queen of Heaven.” The piece was discovered in a worship spot in Uruk, an ancient city. 

Mona Lisa Of Mesopotamia

The artifact is more famous as Mona Lisa of Mesopotamia. It is one of the most precious findings in history that lets historians get a peek into the past lives of humankind. It was a very important discovery. However, the artifact was soon going to suffer a blow when it went missing.

Beautifully Carved From Marble

A mentioned earlier, the archeologists believe that the face of the mask is of goddess Inanna. The mask is made of marble and is hardly 8 inches tall. It was believed that the face belonged to a larger statue. However, this amazing piece got missing after the conflict and loot. 

Priceless Artifacts

Mask of Warka occupies the first spot in the list of 30 priceless artifacts. It demonstrates the civilization’s early development. The mask has been considered of high significance. It helps historians to see how far have we come as a human race. 

The Hunt Begins

After Hussain was dethroned, the Iraqi police were deployed all across the country to prevent any further problems and restore peace and order back. So, the responsibility to find back the missing artifacts fell upon the U.S. armed forces. The task was given to Matthew Bogdanos, Marine Reserve Colonel who kicked off his search in April 2003.