Strictly No

The note further told parents in a very firm manner that, “potatoes, peanut butter, chips are not lunchable snacks. Even if the children have potatoes, they need bread to go with it.” Leeza was annoyed to see that the school calls pieces of bread and potatoes as healthy and didn’t let Natalee eat the biscuits in lunch that day. Leeza wanted to take some action against it and generate some awareness.

Generating Outrage

Leeza took to the social media platform and posted the notice everywhere. Her friends and other parents supported her saying that the school could not tell the parent’s what a child should be fed in lunch. Moreover, keeping Natalee hungry in name of “not getting a healthy lunch” was totally unacceptable to everyone.

School’s Concern

The school wasn’t wrong on their behalf as well. They wanted to be sure that the children remain safe from obesity issues. They were concerned about child obesity at such an early age and thus wanted that the children should be provided with nutritious and healthy lunchboxes.

Bad Health

Obesity is a rising concern worldwide. In the last few years, the number of children to cross the obesity line have increased. While obesity was seen as a disease to hit the adults, it is now seen amongst kids as well. Children are facing a lot of health issues and cardiovascular problems. And suffering such diseases as kids is not an appreciable thing.  Yet, these statements fell on deaf years.

Contradicting Arguments

Leeza further argues with the school authorities that the biscuits weren’t that unhealthy option as the school made it be. On the first hand, the school doesn’t provide children with food and on the second one, they question what the child brings. She further makes a comment that it is the same school which asks parents to send candies on occasions from time to time.

Health Awareness

As a body of the educational institution, it is a school’s prime responsibility to impart healthy eating habits in children and the parents are expected to participate in imparting such habits to their children. Being a mother, all these arguments did not bother her and all she thought of was how did the school let Natalee stay hungry stomach the entire day.