What Lies Under?

6 As you could have imagined, it took a lot of effort on the part of John so as to completely remove the extremely heavy metallic lid he had found. He had been working and digging his backyard for a few hours now but that all proved to be rewarding as he was able to uncover all that was hiding for years deep in his backyard. Well, what was it?

Lifting The Lid

7 As soon as he could lift the lid, John’s curiosity could not be controlled as he immediately wanted to see what was inside. He was left quite puzzled after he saw the peculiar objects lying right there before him. This is why John was after all that digging. John could not identify if these were stairs or blades so he wanted to investigate even further.

I’m Going In

5 The dirt that covered the opening was somewhat of a challenge to clean off. Again he had no choice but to just clean the whole opening as it was the only way he could get inside. He was more amazed minute by minute to see what had been hiding there all along. He had to keep in mind that he was about to jump into something he had no clue of…

Pandora’s Box

9 As he cleaned the dirt in no time, John was able to make an entrance for himself to fit. When he stepped foot on it, he understood that it was actually a staircase and not at all blades. He made his way down as carefully as he could. There was something about not knowing what awaited inside that sparked intrigue and excitement in him…

Tunnel Of Terror

11 Even though he had seen the blueprint of this place he could not completely understand how the tunnel and staircase worked. This incredible structure, he realized, had been built and abandoned years ago. He could also sense a little discomfort and spookiness inside which he immediately felt after the very first step. The next thing he encountered added to the creepiness of the place.

Was It A Shelter?

12 He then came upon an electric fan and a hand-crank fan after further entrance. He also came to learn that the people that stayed there had ventilated air for a considerable amount of time. Since it was so meticulously made, John was blown away by the discovery of this bomb shelter under his own garden. He wanted to see more and more and be amazed by this unexpected discovery.