Little Kitty

It was a typical wintry morning. The temperature dropped down to extremes. While people assume that animals have fur to protect them from harsh climates, the weather like that of Russia could not spare the animals despite that fur. Irina Lavrona -a 68-year-old woman found Masha on the street. And she knew that she could not leave her over there in the chilling cold to die.

Dear Friend

Irina opened the doors of her house so that Masha could shelter herself in. Little did Irina know what would Masha bring along with her in the days to come. Masha started liking Irina. Every morning she would come at her doorsteps and would greet her a hello by rubbing herself against Irina’s legs. The duo developed an inseparable kind of relationship.

Strange Bonding

Though everyone enjoyed Masha’s presence near them, Irina gave her an altogether different comfort level. The duo started having a totally different bonding and everyone was surprised at it. Luckily, when Irina saw a change in the behavior of Masha she could easily make out that something was wrong.

Odd Morning

It was any other winter morning of January. Irina, as usual, opened the door of her place and was waiting for Masha to turn up. Irina was waiting to feed her dear kitty with milk and some biscuits. But, to her utter surprise that morning the cat did not turn up. Had the cold weather taken a toll over the cat? Where was she?

Nowhere To Be Seen

Irina waited on the door and looked for Masha, but when she was nowhere to be seen, Irina turned back towards the indoor. She recalled that “Normally she would have come and said hello to me,”. It was a strange sight to not find her there that morning. And as she stepped in she heard some noise.

Known Noises

Irina stopped right there and turned back to listen carefully to the noise. She knew these sounds were familiar to her. She was quite sure that it was Masha. But she had never expected to find her the way she found her then.