Owning a pet is one of the most beautiful feelings. The furry four-legged animal loves us with all its heart and the empathy we as humans develop towards them is a lot more than what we feel for our fellow human beings.  Their soft fur, scratchy paws, little pet licks are all worthy adoring.

An animal’s heart is sure of gold, not all of them are violent or attacking, the domestic ones are really compassionate halves. Irina, an old lady houses a stray cat named Masha. Masha would always greet this lady but that day she seemed distressed. Masha was screaming while she was lying in a box. And when Irina, saw what was there in the box, she totally lost her mind. The sight was the least expected one. What was it?

The Unbelievable

She could not believe what she just saw. The unexpected sight broke her heart. All she had to say was how is this possible. How can something like this come to my door? She did not know what to do next. She stood there still completely shocked. How did Masha-the cat get this?

Poor Animal

Masha never looked this distressed before. Irina did not know how to help her. When an animal is concerned, it is very tough to understand their emotions. None knows what they are trying to communicate, similarly, on that particular day, Irina was confused what Masha wanted to communicate. And when she looked inside the box to find that with Masha, she had her heart in her mouth. She knew she has to act on foot.

Communal Cat

Masha though was a stray cat, but she meant more than that to Irina and her next door neighbors. The cat would often roam near their apartment and she was way too adorable to be ignored. The residents would serve her bread and milk and they soon developed an attachment towards her. She turned into a communal cat.

Showering Love

Masha just like any other cat was a socialite. She would play with the residents, wag her tail, would sleep wherever she found warmth. The residents of the apartment could not stop adoring this cute animal. And after knowing that her life as a stray cat was terrible, they developed an attachment towards her.

Extreme Conditions

Masha lived on the streets of the city of Obninsk which is in western Russia. This city faces extreme climatic conditions. Though the summers are a little mild, the winters are freezing cold. The temperatures drop down to as low as 12 °F. That’s freezing cold. One can imagine how terrible the weather is for any creature.

Hungry Stomach

Masha had no choice other than living on such cold streets and on empty stomach. Some days while she was lucky that people served her some warm milk, there were days when she roamed there hungry. While the climate was freezing cold for a human, it meant it was unbearable for an animal. Fortunately, Irina caught this poor creature.