Dogs are the most friendly and loyal creatures in this world. There would hardly be anyone who won’t agree with this fact. Among many dog lovers, one was this man from Michigan. His happy time with his dog unluckily didn’t last long, as a selfie became the reason for him to stand in front of a jury.

Fond Of Dogs

Dan Tillery adopts viral Diggy the Dog posts selfie on Facebook cops ticket Dan Tillery lives with his girlfriend Megan in Waterford Township, Michigan. Dan is an ambitious guy with a long list of wishes. The first one among them is to have a house of his own where he could live with his beautiful girlfriend and a dog. He was in love with dogs and always wanted a dog by his side but unfortunately, the owner of the apartment he was living in, had prohibited the staying of dogs. He really wanted a home of his own!    

The Wishlist! Dan wanted a home of his own so much that he after spending hours in the music studio was also doing side business only to earn and save enough money to buy a house. His girlfriend too was toiling hard to eventually have their own house.      

Home Sweet Home! After accumulating enough money Dan and his girlfriend finally purchased their own home in June 2016 and when they got into their house the first thing they decided  was to bring in was a dog. But, what happened after they brought this bundle of joy to their home is surprising.

No Issues

Dan Tillery adopts viral Diggy the Dog posts selfie on Facebook cops ticket It was after a month while talking to the Oakland Press that he said, “[My girlfriend and I] have been wanting a dog forever, but the place we were renting would not allow dogs. We just recently purchased our first home. All ours. And dogs are allowed.”

It Was The One

Dan Tillery adopts viral Diggy the Dog posts selfie on Facebook cops ticket After the couple made up their mind to bring a dog to their house, the next major problem was to come to an agreement on which kind of dog to bring. It was sheer luck that while on his search for a dog Dan saw an American bulldog named Sir Wiggleton in a shelter where the dog had been taking refuge for the past 100 days.

Heartfelt Connection! It was a first sight love for Dan! When he saw the picture of Sir Wiggleton, he instantly felt the connection. He knew only by seeing the giant goofy face of the pooch that he can become a perfect companion. He wasn’t able to wait to click lots of pictures with the cute dog that they just had adopted so they brought the dog home immediately.