Even animal lovers discriminate among animals. Some prefer dogs over cats because of the former’s compassionate nature but majorly because of the latter’s I-don’t-give-a-damn-about-anything attitude. Cats can really be mean and uncaring at times, that’s a universally acknowledged fact. But there are some cats who do not fit the ‘catty’ description or attitude expected from them. Believe it or not, some cats are known to like snuggling with their owners and even RESPOND to their attention. But this particular act was acting too weird, even for a cat.


It is a well-known fact that cats are not too hot on socializing. Even after having kittens, they leave them be, out in the world only after a few months. They do not travel in packs, in fact, they fight among themselves for territory, just like other members of their family. Lions, tigers, Cheetahs, all the members of the cat family are known to love their isolation and are isolated creatures. 

Pet( ?) Cats

There have been researches to understand the behavior of cats, and this is the moment cat owners stop reading this slide because to state in simple words, cats have trust issues, so they don’t rely on their owners for security like dogs do. Obviously there are exceptional cases but generally, they do not really care about anything or anyone if they are being properly fed and tended to. 

YOU Are The Pet

Dogs can be trained to fetch balls, bring newspapers, sit, stand, roll and what not but cats will, as a rule, resist any form of imposed submissiveness. When you get a cat home, THEY are the boss because you will find yourself giving all your attention to them and they only time you will get attention is when you dared to sleep during their food time. Your world will be revolving around your cat(s) and you won’t even get to know w  hen you become the pet.

Stray Cats

Cats do love isolation but attention and affection are natural needs. Even cats crave attention. That is the reason why they goof around your house and shatter stuff- that’s their peculiar way of getting attention and some cats do love to be petted. Stray cats are mostly street bosses of animals on road, even scaring all dogs and avoiding humans but some cats don’t live up to their (in)famous reputation.


Life isn’t easy on the streets for humans or animals. Pet cats are all pampered and attended too but strays have to fight for their survival, that is partially why they are so aggressive. Stray cats even though not expressive are always thankful for the food that humans give them. But this particular cat, even though wanting food, never ate it, when the people around found out what she did with the cat food, they were awed.

Benign Korean Woman

This Korean woman, who is a volunteer help at a local animal shelter made sure to distribute high-quality cat food to any feral cat she found in her neighborhood. She was a familiar face among the cats and they soon lost their timidity or fear of her and waited for the time of the day she would come with their meal. However, there was one tabby cat who stood out for a peculiar reason.