An egg a day is better than a hen tomorrow, but two eggs a day are even better than a chicken tomorrow.

Is your day starting off with something other than omelets, boiled eggs or even poached and scrambled eggs? Then this one is for you. Eggs are the most common and widely eaten poultry product all over the world. These white products are the richest source of bio-available protein for human consumption. The most common of the edible eggs are the chicken eggs and the fish eggs namely caviar and roe.  An ideal egg consists of majorly three parts, the hard eggshell for protective purposes, the white liquid albumin; the medium for egg yolk dispersal known as egg white and the deep yellow colored egg yolk.

Here are some of the amazing health benefits which could be derived by consuming a pair of eggs daily.

Increases The Protein Content

If you are looking for a diet rich in protein then bump into eggs. Eggs are the only food to contain all the essential 9 amino acids in a single pack. All other foods lack one or the other amino acid. Amino acids are the products which can’t be synthesized by our body and thus, are a must include in our diet. An egg weighs approximately 50g and provides us with nearly 6-7 grams of protein. These are the building blocks of our body and are responsible for tear and maintenance of our skin, hair cells, and production of enzymes and antibodies.