Exercises that reduces the weakness of hyoid muscles are done in reps (repeatedly). Double chin condition is not restricted to over-weight people. However, double chin results from the accumulation of facial or under jaw fat muscles. The under-jaw muscle gets weaker with aging and occurs in people with a family history of the condition. Any facial fat build-up that leads to a double chin can be reduced by a set of reps.

Pigeon Face


Support both sides of your lower jaw (under the ears) with the index fingers and thumbs of your hands. Then slowly bend your head forward to put pressure on the muscles the chin muscles.

Gum Chewing


The simple act of chewing your favorite gum helps to reduce excess fat under your jaw. Gum chewing is a double chin exercise you can do for fun. You’ll gradually burn muscle fat on your face and chin. However, the number of time you chew the bubble gum is the number of reps covered.

Tongue Press


Sit with your back straight and tilt your head slightly towards the ceiling. Then make your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth firmly. You’ll observe that there a downward pressure (towards the chest) on the double chin muscle. Hold in that posture for ten seconds before relaxing and repeat the process for 20 reps.

Touch Your Nose


Place a palm or fingers below the double chin for some support. Stick out your tongue and try to touch the tip of your nose. Keep that posture for about ten seconds and relax your lips. With nine more reps daily, the exercise will help you reduce the double chin.

Side Neck Stretch


Excess facial muscles always get weak as people get old. A simple side neck stretch can burn the fat accumulation on both sides of the chin. Slowly move the neck from side to side. Then, increase the intensity as it pleases you for about 2 minutes before relaxing.

Chin Rotations


The exercise is conducted from one side of the chin to the opposite direction. Assume an upright position, focus on your chin, and slowly move in a 360-degree rotation. If this movement gets you uneasy, then move in shoulder-to-shoulder manner in semicircles. Don’t bend your shoulder during the exercise of 5 reps in alternate directions each.

Press Up


Hold both fists in a clenched position and gently press them against you under chin muscles. Then rest your lower jaw with full pressure on the clenched fists. You can relax your posture for five seconds after holding for about ten seconds. At least seven reps of press up exercise is a good start.

Say X-O


Repeating the alphabets X and O can burn the accumulation of facial fat. It’s a pronunciation exercise that gets rid of a double chin and tightens the jaw muscles. Repeat the word X-O in at least five reps daily.

Puff Your Cheeks


A simple exercise of inhaling and filling the mouth with air can burn jaw muscles. Keep the balloon-like mouth close and press both palms against your cheeks. Hold the pressure on your muscles for the next ten seconds. Relax this posture and repeat with ten reps of this double chin exercise.

The ‘O’ Shape


Stand upright with your head tilted toward the ceiling and close your lips. Slightly open them until an ‘O’ shape is formed. The pressure on the double chin spreads from the neck and under the jawline.  Remain in this position for twenty-five seconds before relaxing your facial muscles. Complete two more sets of ten reps each.