They say that life is not certain, that no one knows when our time will come. Death does not differentiate between the rich and the poor, the good or the bad. There is danger lurking around the corner that comes unexpectedly at us. We can never say that we are safe all the time. Even at a place like McDonald’s, something happened that could have easily taken a person’s life had it not been for this cashier. It threatened the life of someone who is not an ordinary person but actually a police officer…

Regular Day

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It was like any other day working at McDonald’s for this cashier. Nothing was different, in fact, it was quite uneventful that day at work. “That’s $15.35 in total, please,” Pedro Viloria announced from his mic. Then the sound of the cars honking would continue. People who came to order were usually very impatient, but he was not offended or annoyed because this is normally how hungry people behave.

Screaming Children


Pedro was not one to complain and so he did his best to serve the people who had shown up at the drive-thru that day at his workplace. He made sure the cups were properly filled, that the bags had been stuffed with food. Everyone knows how vile soggy fries are, so Pedro would make sure to put the boxes at the bottom and the fries on top. He opened his window to be welcomed by screaming kids.

Uncertain Future
Uncertain Future

Since Viloria was still young, he was not sure which career path to take. At that point, he was still trying to decide what he wanted for his future. His mom had to take care of him and his four siblings. She was working 60 hours a week, handling two jobs just to make sure her kids had food to eat. She was also keeping aside some money for their college tuition which made Pedro feel a little guilty…

News For Mom

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Pedro was not a slacker, he was actually scoring good grades in school. But he was still not qualified to receive a full scholarship for a good college. He knew that if he had the tuition money, he would have had no problem to get enrolled in a proper college. He knew he could do this if it weren’t for their problem with money. So when he graduated, he had a surprising news for his mom.

An Impressive Mom
A Tough Decision

Since they were not well-to-do, Viloria’s mother had to make a lot of sacrifices. She was on the verge of being overworked as she barely took four hours of sleep. However, she still kept her job, which was a 10-hour shift, 6 days a week. She was indeed an impressive mother because she could still manage to keep a proper breakfast and dinner each day for her kids.

A Difficult Choice

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Since she wanted nothing but the best for her kids, Viloria’s mother did not stop and continued to work and sweat for the sake of her family. She was definitely one that deserved a break from all the stress and work. He then made an announcement while having their meal, “I’m getting a job.” She then had a conversation with Viloria before she left for work. Then the hard part comes…