Marriage can easily be termed as one of the major life-changing events in an individual’s life and everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect. The best food, the most beautiful dress, the cake, and the flowers, everything needs to be up to the mark as most of the people get to live this day once in their lifetime. These lovebirds had planned to host their wedding on a beach in Pascagoula, Mississippi. They had been looking forward to this day for months and everything was pre-planned and well-arranged. Unfortunately, an act of nature would force this wedding ceremony to stop before it even began and the perfect wedding soon turned into a living nightmare. When everyone was down on their hopes, a stranger approached the bride’s car to make a fate-changing proposal. Will this couple eventually get to live and have the wedding of their dreams or will the rain wash away all their hopes?

In Love

“A feeling that can’t be defined in words but people often name it love.” This couple from Mississippi had now been dating each other for years now and it will be right to say that they were crazy in love. The vibe between the two was unmatchable as Dulce and Ariel were simply meant to be. The two were now ready to take their relationship further by getting married but what occurs as a simple event to pretty much everyone would turn out to be as stressful for this couple.

Wedding Bells

The two were seen together almost everywhere and their friends and family could hear the wedding bells. Dulce and Ariel were two young individuals who lived in Mississippi and dreamed of marrying each other some day. They were at the top of their world when the right day finally arrived as they were waiting to hear these words at their ceremony, “I now pronounce you man and wife.” The only problem was, the wedding ceremony never began.

Wedding Planners

Planning a wedding can get hectic at times and most people choose to rely on wedding planners these days. However, Dulce had decided to plan her own wedding as she wanted to make sure that everything on her big day was perfect. Having said that, it is almost impossible for a single person to make arrangements for such a big event all on their own but Dulce had successfully pulled it off. But there was a problem that even the bride was unable to take care of.

Cynthia and Shannon Strunk

Shannon Strunk and Cynthia are another couple who happened to own a beachfront house. Their house was only a few steps away from the place where the couple was supposed to tie the knot. Cynthia and Shannon were there early mornings as they were simply checking out the preparations.

Watching Out

Shannon Strunk and his wife Cynthia were having a good time at their home on Saturday, June 30 when they first noticed the guests who were present on the beach. Their house happened to give a central view of the beach and the old couple was able to see it all directly across the street. 

Change In Weather

While they were taking joy in watching the celebrations, what caught their eyes and grew their worry was the nearby storm clouds. The weather took a 180 and these dark clouds now threatened to sabotage the celebration. For Dulce, not everything was going to happen as she had planned for her big day.