Oh Chill

Kate was happy that they could make to the restaurant a little before the estimated time. She reached 15 minutes before and hoped that as space did not appear to be that busy, she would get the table easily and they could be seated properly. Little did she know how things were going to turn out soon.

The Waitress

The hostess received Kate. She greeted them and asked how she may help them. The waitress was happy to see Kate but the moment she saw her two daughters she frowned. After seeing her reaction, Kate was ready to retaliate. She knew what she would speak if the woman said anything regarding dining with her kids at the restaurant.

Please Wait

Kate told the waitress “We have a reservation”. The woman checked the booking schedule and there was Kate’s name. While Kate was expecting to be directed to the dining area, the waitress took them to the waiting area and told them, as they were quite early, they’ll have to wait till the tables clear. But none knew then, how long this wait will last for.

Impatient Kids

Kate thought it was fair on the waitress’ part that she asked them to wait. But Cole grew impatient of hunger. She would clench her fist and would scream “I’m hungry mommy”. But she made her realize that they can’t eat until their grandparents turned up. Yet, what she saw next made her also angry.

Taking Them Away

That night, the bar was full of men who were busy watching a game over the television. In order to escape from any mess, Kate took Cole and Maddi to another place in the corner. As time passed by, the ten minutes of wait turned into a twenty-minute one and by now even Kate was losing her calm. She decided to ask the hostess and came across a disturbing realization.

A Lie

The same moment Kate called her father, Jole who wasn’t here yet. He was stuck in traffic and was running a little late. As Kate went towards the hostess, Cole needed to use the restroom and Kate had to accompany her. While passing the alley at the restaurant, she realized that the woman had completely lied to her.