All of us gets excited when we know that we have a reservation at a restaurant for dinner. The feeling of munching¬†on some of the city’s best delicacies and exotic dishes give us a watery mouth. But imagine what will happen if the dinner you have been looking forward to since the entire day is not served? What if the restaurant denies you the table you have reserved? Annoyed? Of course, any one of us would be.

This is an incident from KateBradford’s life. She and her two young daughters went out for dinner to celebrate Kate’s father’s birthday. Even after a reservation, they were denied access to a booth at the restaurant. Why? Read on to know what exactly happened with the family that night…

Empty Stomachs

Both of them were hungry. All day they were eager to eat some delicious food at the restaurant. They were empty stomach and now all they wanted was food. Kate recalled, “they both were growing irritable due to hunger. Any time they would now cry of hunger”. Her kids were too young to understand the rules of the food junction, but even Kate was losing her cool.

Cole And Maddi

Cole was 6 years old and Maddi was only 3 years. For kids this young in age, controlling hunger is a tough thing. One can’t expect that they would be able to wait patiently. When Kate asked the waitress as to how long will it take, what she said made matters worse.

The Family

Kate Bradford was a single mother looking after her equally young daughters Maddi and Cole. Life has always been challenging for the woman, as managing everything single-handedly never came easy. However, they were living a peaceful life and was doing great. One day…

Texas Roadhouse

It was Kate’s father’s birthday and she wanted to make it special for her dad. Moreover, for all such special occasions, she and her daughters along with her parents would dine out together. And that day Kate reserved a table for all of them at Texas Roadhouse for 6 PM. It was a renowned eatery and even nearby to her place. But…

Little Monsters

Dining with children was a nightmare for Kate. This was mostly because people often complained about kids being cranky and not letting others eat at the restaurant. Not only this but at times they would also be super excited running from one place to another and you have no choice than leaving your meal and running after them. While she thought it would be easy tonight, it wasn’t as she’d hoped.

Prepared For Everything

As a mother, Kate was very responsible. She was always prepared for the worst. She would carry diapers, toys, biscuits and other stuff that her daughters might need, wherever they go. However, that day she was not that prepared. She thought going for dinner didn’t need many preparations but they actually do.