What Was The Source?
The Source Of The Noise

And even though Tracy thought that it was all in her head, there was a clear reason why this would not be so. She still continued to hear the odd sound and noises. They were still coming from the attic in her home. This was going on for a few days now. She got so worried that she questioned if it was her kids that were playing in the attic. But when she asked them, they all told her that it was not them…

Her Own Theory

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She could easily believe that it was not her kids that were playing in the attic because it was way too musty and dark. For kids to actually enjoy playing there was a little unbelievable. And even Tracy was not really a huge fan of the attic. She would only ever go there if she needed to keep something there or take an item from there. The noises still continued so she soon came up with an explanation of her own.

Could It Be A Wild Animal?
Was It A Wild Animal?

And so one random day, Tracy could hear that the sound went from one room to the next. This was a very strange sound too. If she was not cleaning the house, Tracy could not have heard these noises. She told herself that it was either a raccoon or a possum that had been living in their attic. And if this was the case, she knew she would have to call upon the help of the Animal Control.

Closed On Saturday

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And it was a little Unfortunate because this took place on a Saturday. The Animal Control people had an off on the weekends, so she would have to call them first thing on Monday. She felt a little better as she thought the noise was made by these tiny wild animals. And soon she would learn that the sound in the attic has some other plan of its own…

Nails On The Carpet
Nails On The Carpet

The sounds from the attic were not resting and it was still continuing even in the wee hours of the morning. This incident happened at about 2:30 am that night. A very disturbing creaking sound managed to wake up poor Tracy from her sleep. The sound originated from her bedroom ceiling. This was then followed by the thumping sounds that occurred on her bedroom floor.

Not A Wild Animal

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After the sounds made Tracy wake from her sleep, she got up and took a look around her bedroom. She then noticed that there were several nails on the carpet. She had assumed that these nails had come from the ceiling boards and now she was filled with fear. After she saw this, it was clear that the thing in her attic was not a measly raccoon or a possum. What was it then?