A Task

As a determined father, Greg was not about let this challenge get him down. We all know that kids have to be well groomed so that they do not feel conscious and thrive in school. Knowing all this, Greg wanted to make sure he perfected taking care of his young girl’s hair. “I started trying to put ponytails in, and for some reason, I couldn’t figure it out,” he confessed in an interview he gave later.

Getting Some Help

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Greg works at a trade school. Even with a job of his own, he wanted to do whatever he could to make sure his baby girl was not having trouble at school. He knew nothing about styling hair but he was not about to give up that easily without trying. He then went on to do something about this problem he has. He approached the college’s cosmetology department hoping that they could help him somehow.

Getting The Hang Of Things

So when Greg decided that he needed to get trained with the setback he was facing, he was happy to see that his efforts paid off. Greg, after receiving some much-needed lessons from the school, was finally getting the hang of things. After he felt that he was capable of handling things on his own, Greg made a decision to put his newfound knowledge to use by teaching other dads as well.

Helping Other Fathers

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Since he was a single dad, he knew all the struggles that came along with handling a daughter all on his own. He was set on doing the best for her and was willing to learn anything for her, even if it was something as odd as going to grooming classes. After getting enough training, Greg figured that other fathers like him could make use of his newly adapted skills.

A Revolution

So as Greg was set on imparting his knowledge to other needy dads, his aim was to hopefully teach them to be able to groom their kids as well. He wanted to make sure that no one was struggling like he was, and even if they did, his assistance could possibly make it better. And in the process, Greg initiated a toddler hairstyle revolution although this was never actually in his plans.

The Hair Dad

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Greg was a quick learner and what he had been taught, he quickly put to use. He was now helping many other dads to be able to style their own daughter’s hair as nice as possible. Greg even went on to post instructional videos on YouTube and he even started a Facebook page of hair inspiration photograph. He has actually come up with quite the suitable title for his page: ‘The Hair Dad’.