Growing Big And Strong

Growing Big And StrongThe scans revealed the fact, that the twins were going to be bigger than average.“The scans said they were good sizes and the midwives told me they were growing well,” said Alanna.Still, Alanna could not believe the speculation that the nurses made regarding the size of her babies.

Strangers Made Comments

Image result for people whispering to each other“You just don’t expect it though”, Alanna said innocently. After some time, she was on the receiving end of taunts and sarcastic comments from the strangers wherever she went. Eventually, after hearing such things, Alanna realized how big she was truly getting.

Larger Than Most

Larger Than Most“I did have a huge bump, though, and total strangers kept coming up to me asking whether I was going to give birth on the spot as I was that big,” Alanna said. Soon, Alanna too realized that what was happening to her was not normal.

Waiting To Buy Clothes

Waiting To Buy ClothesAlanna was perplexed while deciding the size of clothes which she would make her newborns wear. After a lot of thinking, she came to a decision. “I didn’t buy them anything because I didn’t want to risk having to take things back because they didn’t fit them,” she said.

Surprisingly Large

Surprisingly LargeEverything was proceeding as planned, Alanna was scheduled for a C-section, and she had even prepared herself to witness the size of her babies. But, still, everyone was shocked to see the babies after birth. Alanna too couldn’t believe what she was witnessing.

A Rare Sight

Image result for two very fat twins newbornWith a combined weight of 16lb 13oz, the twins were the size of a six-month-old. “The staff at the hospital were saying to me that they have never delivered twins this big before,” Alanna said. It was surely something that does not happen often. Alanna felt like a proud mother.