Wanderlust- the passion for traveling, the obsession with adventure, trekking and roaming around the world. When you read this line all you can think of is your old good young adulthood days when vitality and energy was something that ruled you. But, let me tell you something, your age is honestly a number. And this is what this travel freak couple proves.

However, while they had many stories from their trips to share, this one, in particular, got much attention. And if you ask what was that special or something that odd about this one, then just imagine a rude woman not allowing you and your spouse to sit together and moreover prefers to sit between you both. Angry? Anyone would be. And so was this pair. But they did not hold back. What they did next will question your cognitive skills.

The Power Couple

Here meet the odd one out power couple, Beverly and Ted Odell Robinson. This evergreen looking couple has been with each other since the last 37 years. They have supported each other through thick and thin and they knew none could have done it better than their spouses. And before heading to their 38th year of togetherness they wanted to make things special.

Romantic Trip

The duo was a travel freak. They have traveled the much of the world holding hands. And was now planning on for a romantic holiday in the serene land of Spain. Ted had always loved visiting calm places with a rich architecture, and Spain was the best choice to make.

Not Easy

The duo was an experienced one. They had an idea of what all a travel trip brings along. Even on their previous trips, they had met a lot of fellow travelers who would annoy them, but they had never expected that with this trip things will be this tough.

Odd Day

The couple was rushing late that day for making it to the airport. They had just stepped out from the car they had rented and was making their way to the airport shuttle. The bus was an overcrowded one. Everyone wished to reach the airport as early as possible. After managing to enter the bus, the couple found out two seats but something was odd.

Sitting In Between

The couple was quite annoyed by seeing that a woman was sitting in the middle of the two seats. She did not move and thus, people had to stand in that crowded bus. As a responsible citizen, she could have moved but she did not. This was quite weird for everyone on that bus.

The Difficult Woman

In words of Ted and Beverly, this woman surely had some hatred for Love as she did not allow the duo to sit together. This was the strangest thing they had ever witnessed in their 37-years of married life. She was a tough and difficult lady who was way too stubborn to move. It was then duo decided to play around her and have a revenge.