Most of us are so much in love with sweets and if not we’ve at least one family member or a friend who is obsessed with it. It’s not that we are unaware of the seriousness of the facts related to sugar and how hazardous it could be, just a matter of another fact which states: our love for sweet is far more than our fear for anything.

“Sugar is the sociopath of foods. It acts sweet… but it’s really poison,” Karen Salmansohn a famous said the right thing. But what if we get an alternate of it which is healthier and the best part is that your taste buds don’t have to compromise. In order to give you tested ingredients, we turned to famous blogs that are quickly becoming an influential source of knowledge. Related image


“Dates are perfect in smoothies, energy balls, salads, and salad dressings. You can also blend them into a paste or puree to use for baking,” Brittany Mullins, a blogger on Eating Bird Food told in an interview.

Coconut sugar

“Coconut sugar is my go-to baking sweetener. It provides that grainy texture that cane sugar does and sweetness without the blood sugar spike. If a recipe usually calls for one cup of cane sugar, I will add 3/4 cup coconut sugar instead. They are one of my favorite recipes and they have no refined sugar in them!” is Rachel Mansfield, another food blogger’s advice.


“Applesauce works particularly well in healthier cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and cookies. It helps to moisten the bake, and can also be used as a substitute for butter or oil,” said Sassy Gregson-Williams who is the founder of Naturally Sassy.

Monk fruit sweetener

Laura Lea Goldberg a popular chef tells, “I’ve really enjoyed playing with dried monk fruit sweetener recently. It’s low-glycemic, low-carb, and subs for white sugar just about 1:1. I’ve found that using rich, bold flavors like cocoa powder, cinnamon, walnuts, and banana in tandem with monk fruit sweetener is best. Unctuous, satisfying, and sugar-free, you can indulge in this recipe and receive fantastic health benefits at the same time.”


“When it comes to leaving out the white stuff but still maintaining flavor and an overall sense of sweetness, my favorite trick is to add cinnamon and vanilla bean (not extract or powder, but the actual black specks from the vanilla bean pod). It’s so sweet from the sweet potato, cinnamon, and vanilla bean, you’d think you’re having a decadent fudgy brownie!” explains a wellness blogger Britt Berlin, who never prefers to add sugar.


“One of my favorite alternatives to white sugar is honey. I use it in my tea, I bake with it, and I drizzle it on top of my toasts. Back in the days when I wasn’t paying attention to my diet, my cravings were off the hook, and I attribute that to the processed sugars that made me crave more and more,” tells Nicole Modic, founder of Kale Junkie.