Life is challenging and one really never know this until you get to taste some of the bitter and harsh realities. As a child grows he or she gets to experience a lot of things. Though parents try to keep them away from all the unnecessary things, some things still make their way to the brim.

When Rachelle Dyer posted a picture with her new neighboring friend people started to question their relationship. Though it was a random snap, the questions it raised was something to think about. Little did Rachelle know what a life-changing revelation was about to happen.

Rachelle Dyer

In the year 2004, Rachelle tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend. She was over the moon that she was starting her life with the man she loved the most. However, the only thing she was a little sad about was that post marriage she would be living with him in Virginia leaving her hometown Seattle behind. It was the beginning of a beautiful life for the couple.

Happiest One

Soon after shifting to Virginia, Dyer and her husband had the best moments of their life. Dyer even turned into a mom of a cute little baby boy. Later on, she was looking for a job and eventually got one. However, she never knew what this job was bringing in for her.

The Job

Dyer was posted as an assistant special education teacher at Tallwood Elementary School, Virginia. She was looking forward to this new opportunity completely unaware of what was coming next. She on her social media even posted, “I have the most amazing son and husband! I am a lucky woman!” Was she really the luckiest woman?

An Acquaintance

At the Elementary School, Dyer met a woman named Nicoll. Though they could not interact much there as Nicoll completed her student teaching at the school and was now moving to King’s Elementary School. The two never met again until the day…

Mutual Friends

Though Nicoll left, at Tallwood events and reunions she would be present. Lately, Dyer became close friends with one of her colleagues who knew Nicoll as well. And she said something to Dyer which many other staff members too said. It was tough to accept it but was something Dyer couldn’t deny either.

A Possibility?

Dyer’s colleagues often said that she and Nicoll had a very similar personality. They had a way of talking and walking which resembled like the other one. Some people even said that they look similar as well. Maybe that they are sisters. Could they be?