More Investigation

They reached the hospital soon after hurrying to get there. “When doctors tried to perform a biopsy to determine why Lyla’s kidneys had failed, Lyla’s lungs started hemorrhaging uncontrollably”, revealed Dena in a Facebook update she posted. Imagine the kind of trauma and fear a mother would be going through upon receiving such a brutal news about her daughter.

An Induced Coma

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The news got even more alarming as the doctors who were examining little Lyla brought more information to the parents. The people at the hospital had advised Carreyn and her husband to just ‘prepare for the worst’. They then kept their daughter in an induced coma. Normally, we see parents getting this kind of treatment rather than kids, so it was definitely stressful for the parents to have to go through this.

Two More Months In the Hospital

Lyla had been kept in the hospital for another two months. She had to be given blood, plasma transfusions, chemotherapy, and non-stop hemodialysis. Her condition was something that needed a lot of attention and care. She was constantly under the doctor’s surveillance and her parents were hoping and praying that there was a way to get her out of this mess.

Finally Released

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She had spent quite a while at the hospital but soon she was ready to be released. Her doctors finally gave the okay sign to let Lyla go back home. And so she was sent home with a PD catheter implanted in the abdomen. Because of her medical condition, Lyla had to be placed under a lot of restrictions too. And then, when they least expected, the miracle took place.

A Future For Lyla

Her school and teachers were well aware of Lyla and her condition. So anyone who had ever met her usually got to hear about the complication she is facing on a daily basis. ‘I just had a feeling when I first heard about Lyla being sick. It was something inside me that said I needed to get tested,’ the teacher later confessed when talking to interviewers about why she wanted to step in.

The Teacher’s  Wish

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It touched the heartstrings of the teacher to hear that a student had been diagnosed with such a serious medical condition at such a young age. The teacher the revealed that she wished ‘to be able to save her life.’ Her compassion and good heart took over so she made up her mind to offer herself as a potential help to the student of hers. And as luck would have it, she was the perfect donor having the perfect kidney!