A Shocked Mother

What was kept inside the present was something that would make any loving mother tear up. Carreyn opened the box and what lay inside took her by surprise and she immediately got very emotional. She explained what took place that day explaining, ‘And then they give me a present. And then this happened.’ The present also had a note that moved everyone to be filled with tears.

Like A Miracle

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What was supposed to be an innocent visit to her daughter’s visit soon turned extremely emotional in a matter of seconds? When asked about the incident later, Dena Carreyn revealed in an interview that ‘many people think teachers are heroes. Beth Battista is more than our hero; she is our miracle.’ She was obviously so moved by what she was given that day at her daughter’s school.

Lyla’s Condition

The daughter of Carreyn had been diagnosed with Microscopic Polyangiitis. This basically meant that her kidney failed to function. She had been living with this complication her whole life and so she always needed a little care and caution everywhere she went. During the whole summer, her family had been searching for a donor across the globe. They needed one to give her a better chance in life.

From Fever

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The way that they found out was also something worth talking about. It was a very random day that turned into a huge realization for Carreyn and her family. So one day, Lyla was down with a fever at school and her mother had to rush her to the local Urgent Care. To her, this was just another ordinary check up that was not supposed to lead to anything more. But it did…

Full Renal Failure

So when Lyla fell ill with fever, they thought it would be just another illness that would fade off in just a bit. When they got to the hospital, they thought it would not take long at all. She and her mother had barely been there for about 15 minutes in the clinic when they were given a shocking news. They had to immediately get an ambulance that would take them straight to the hospital.

Getting More Complicated

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Carreyn thought that her daughter was only suffering from fever, but as time went on, she realized it was something quite serious. She recalled what unfolded that day explaining that the ‘driver was radioing the hospital that he had “a three-year-old in full renal failure.” After hearing this, she became sure that things were about to get even more complicated!