Not From Her Parents

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She was spending an insane amount on all these clothes and bags that it would make people who came from humble beginnings in her college, uncomfortable. She was getting a lot of support from her parents back home but they clearly were not sending her hundreds of thousands to throw away on high priced accessories and clothing. There was something wrong.


Christine Jiaxin Lee Story
Since Christine was so accustomed to buying whatever she wanted, she did not think about how other people would look at her. Her extravagant purchase habits were slowly starting to pile up and yes everybody around her was starting to take notice. Well, she could not expect them not to. Would you not take notice if someone you saw every day kept wearing luxury clothing, jewelry or bags?

How Can She Afford?

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Christine’s dorm room was slowly filled with her multiple designer handbags, expensive clothes, high-end jewelry, the latest mobile phones, and a top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner. Her possessions were stuffing up the whole room and it was slowly talked about by her college mates.  The biggest question being asked was how she could afford all of these?


Christine Jiaxin Lee Story
Christine did not see anything wrong with the way she was spending her money. She did not feel like she was at fault as she thought it was her right to spend her own money however she wanted. The funds in her account were exceeding a little bit further more than they had in the past, so she just assumed that she was secretly being transferring more money by her loving parents.

Something Was Wrong

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Like every child gets happy to receive a little more than their regular allowance, Christine was very pleased with her parents and so she did not even bother asking them. A few months later, since the huge sum of money kept flowing into her account, she started to realize that something was wrong. She slowly started questioning where the money came from.

Mad Money

Christine Jiaxin Lee Story Within a span of around 11 months, Christine Jiaxin Lee had indulged herself with a multimillion-dollar spending spree. The amount that she spent was no joke and she enjoyed every minute of this lavish lifestyle. She bought herself several Hermes, Chanel, and Dior products that she could find. She was a bit of a brand freak who took anything with a designer’s name on it.