Baby Girl

Pit Bulls are muscular, strong and intelligent. Their best characteristic is that even after so much strength these pooches are lite on their feet when it comes to running. Chasing the ball is a game they hardly get over. Even today, some people misunderstood this breed as dangerous and aggressive while over the years. In reality, Pit Bulls are loving and friendly creatures who love human babies. Baby Girl was one such best friend of Shane but will she be able to help her buddy when the time will put Shane’s life in danger.

Good Neighborhood

According to Shane’s mother, the society where they were living was one of the safest places in the city for families with children. That’s why she felt safe while leaving Shane home that day but little did she know that behind her back her son is going to fall in the scariest scenario. The society location wasn’t all his mother was sure about…


After a moment of trying to open the door, the burglar finally succeeded in his initial attempts to open the door. Within two minutes the stranger guy got inside the house. Shane still went on ignoring the door opening sound and continued watching his favorite TV show. Completely unaware of who was coming for him.


When the door of the cupboard opened, the man noticed that Shane wasn’t alone but Baby Girl was sitting right next to him. As soon as the burglar tried to touch Shane, Baby Girl bit him on his leg. There were two consequences, either the man will run away or the pooch will end up in a bad state.

Security Camera Footage

When Shane’s mother told the police about the security cameras, the team went through it to get to the invader. The image above is what the security footage showed. Trying to find the clues to catch the man in the mask and the process was going on.